Saturday, January 21, 2006

New music

The music industry is shifting towards internet. That's nothing new.

My guess is that, in some 10 or 20 years, internet radio and digital music services will have replaced most of the radio stations.

Discovering new artists / music already is much easier via internet.
No need to go to a music store to listen to cd's or get recommendations from a salesperson that only knows about the music he/she likes... Go to a site like 3voor12 and listen to new albums.

Online sales, online listening, online artist information and only recommendations.
The internet provides all. And more.
One of my favourite sites of the moment is
This site keeps track of what you listen to via your computers' music player. It makes personal charts of most played artist / tracks. It gives recommendations, shows people that have a similar taste in music and gives information about the artists.

Fred told me about this site called songtapper.
Tap along with a song and it shows you artist and song name. It's not working with me, but that's largely due to my lack of rhythm....

I've had better results with Music DNA. Hear a song that you don't know? Call musicDNA via your mobile and it sends back artist and song information in a text message...


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