Monday, February 27, 2006

the wonder of accommodations....

There's a bunch of tourism & accommodations videos on google video. They're 2 minute long advertisements for little towns and cities made by (or published on google video by) They're meant to be promotional, but the lack of quality and the blandness of the subjects gives them a bittersweet look perfectly suited for beautee-tristesse...

While watching a few I noticed some strange phenomena:

1: the editing of the video is the same for most of the clips.
2: the voice-over is the same for most of the clips.
3: the length of the video is mostly the same.
4: the subjects they promote in each video are the same.
and now for the big one:
5: the imagery they show in videos is the same for most clips!!!

There's probably one firm that makes all these videos. It uses stock footage of children fishing, elderly having a good time in a pub, hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts etc....

Check out these two videos: one for augusta, virginia and harrisonburg, virginia. Notice their bed and breakfasts. That's an incredible coincidence! The same name, the same sign, the same room, the same visitors!!!! Incredible!!!!!!
But there's more: clarksville, tennessee has the same b&b, and so does lynchburg, virginia.

I wonder what local governments have paid pay for these videos.


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