Monday, April 30, 2007

The Mojave desert phone-booth

I stumbled upon this article on wikipedia about an isolated desert phone booth.

It was placed in the middle of the Californian desert somewhere around 1960, for local miners to make 'private' phonecalls.

15 miles from the nearest highway and miles from a building, it must have been one of the most remote phonebooths. It was fully functional too: people could make phonecalls to and from the desert. And so they did... Check out this site which has truly amazing stories about the booth!

The official Mojave Phone booth site

There's even a movie about the place!
When media found out about it, the phone booth turned into a hype.

The park rangers finally got rid of the phone because of the attention it was getting, and the lack of attention the park's nature was getting...
A map of the parc is here, which shows locations of more lonely phonebooths...

I really hope they still function, so people can go there to have a private, quiet phonecall...

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