Sunday, August 28, 2005

What is this plane doing on the far-end of runway 4R? It can't reverse and taxi to the gate... And what are all these cars doing there??? Hmmm.. Strange Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

moscow (kansas) land-scaping Posted by Picasa

Funny video

Just this one video... Enjoy

Friday, August 26, 2005

Listen and learn

One of the latest additions to "my internet favourites" is Overheard in New York. Continuously updated site that quotes funny things overheard in New York.
Although I've never been there, and can't possibly sense the atmosphere there, I'm sure it tells a great deal about everyday life in the big apple and the lives of the people mentioned and mentionees (is that a word?)...

I noticed one quote which involved a classic decision making game called rock, paper, scissors. Now I've seen this in movies, group of children deciding who has to get the lost football from the angry neighbours lawn, but never quite understood how they made the decision. So behold: the official rock, paper, scissors society homepage!!!

Google Maps

One of my latest hobbies: scanning earth with Google Maps.
See the famous, familiar, strange and beautiful places.

Some three years ago I visited, and participated in, a lecture/workshop by Israeli architect/critics duo Eyal Weizman and Rafi Segal. Their fascinating studies of Jewish settler-villages showed a surreal beauty of the rather agressive planning and urbanism methods.

In my travels across the globe with GM, I stumbled onto the slums of Port-au-Prince (Haiti). The structures (formed by the hill slopes) resemble scaling of fish or armadillo... Love it..

1st post


I've just started this blog as a way of storing my thoughts and scribbles.
Posts with internet links, photos and other stuff related to my passions.

The name Beautée / Tristesse has to do with the esthetics of sadness/depression/implosion/architecture/social fragmentation, but doesn't limit the content of this blog....