Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Google mask

Last few years have been strange.
We're modernizing quicker than before, we've become dependant on mobile phones, the internet, cheap flights and ipods. All to be free and do what we want to do, to know what we want to know and go where we want to go.

9/11 has had its impact on global "freedom": people have re-discovered fear.
Free people suddenly see their safe surroundings transformed into bunkers, media being censored and pro-aggressive propaganda soaring sky high.

Is that progress? I can tell you, fear has reached me too.
And not because of 9/11, because of post 9/11.

This is where freedom and fear collide: google maps vs. government maps, more, more

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Urbanism has always had its share of utopia. Ideal cities, extreme ideas and megastructures have been known since the tower of Babel.

However, urban planners and architects have had some ideas that were realized. Hausmann's grid in Paris has had it's followers and Le Corbusiers ville radieuse that has been a source for many cities.

More utopian is the work of Gilles Trehin. A 28 year old frenchman who designed Urville.
Gilles' project has become a part of his life, since starting in 1984 he has designed and thought of every aspect on urbanism and megacities.

Please visit his website, it's fascinating!